Requirements for Medicaid to Pay for Assisted Living

As we grow with age sometimes we are unable to do some activities that we were once able to do when we were contributing to society. Many of us have done great works giving back to our community.

With age comes the real life expectation that a little help may be needed to maintain your independence. A nursing home or assisted living facility can be perfect for individuals in need of some assistance with your day-to-day activities. There you’ll be able to receive the individual based help you need all while maintaining your independence. However, the cost of living in a nursing home or assisted living facility can sometimes be double or even triple an average mortgage payment. Some of us are fortunate to be able to afford the cost of assisted living, and some of us need a little help. For those needing a little help paying for the cost, Medicaid may be able to assist. There are a few steps to take for assisted living costs, and you will find that the requirements for Medicaid nursing home services must be followed if you want them to pay for any nursing home you plan to use.

The Steps To Take For Medicaid

Look online to be certain that you have all the right documents. You will find that you could easily print these documents, or you could complete them online. You could fill out these forms using a program that allows you to type into a PDF form, and you can send them over email if necessary. Someone who plans to send a loved one to a nursing home or must admit themselves will need these documents.

Keep Your Copies 

You must keep your copies of the documents that you have submitted because you do not want to be caught without proof of Medicaid coverage. You might want to use the documents to work with the people in the nursing home because they often must audit the services that they offer, and you could keep those documents if Medicaid ever wants you to produce those documents again.

Save Your Financial Data

The financial data that you have used for the transaction must be kept close-at-hand. There are several different documents from pay stubs to tax returns that you must use. You will find that you could have these documents copied and sent to the people who need them, and you will notice that these documents often need to be reproduced if someone says that they cannot read the documents that you have submitted.

Why Do You Need To Follow The Steps? 

The steps to take for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care will help you know that you have documented everything that is required. You must learn what can be done to help your loved ones get into an assisted living facility, and you will find that you have many papers and documents to send in. The requirements for Medicaid nursing home care are set up so that they know the people coming are qualified. They must qualify your case so that they can set up a payment program with the nursing home.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Requirements for assisted living costs are best for you to complete long in advance of sending in your loved ones to a nursing home. If you are going to a nursing home, you might want to ask someone for help with the requirements for assisted living costs. You must see to it that all the documents have been filled out correctly, and they must be submitted through the website or fax number that is required. The case will close if you do not have legible documents.

Finding Contact Information

The first thing you need to do is see if you are eligible for Medicaid assistance. Go online to find your state public assistance website. You could either apply online or retrieve the address from a website and go into your local public assistance office and apply. If you are not computer savvy, you can call the nationwide number 211 from your cell phone. Once you call 211 they will ask you a series of questions to be able to assist you better in helping you find a local office for you to apply for Medicaid. Once you apply, they have up to 45 days to process your application to either approve or deny your application. If you are the one planning to place your spouse or loved one in the nursing home to better fit their needs, keep in mind that Medicaid will hold liens on your estate for payments. They will not do this if your loved one is still living there however once they have moved out, they will pursue payment.

Requirements For Medicaid Include:

  • Your income cannot exceed above the limit requirement for public assistance
  • Must be a U.S citizen
  • Must have a social security number

If you are unsure if you qualify, apply anyways. The worst that could happen is a denial of your application but at least you’ll know where you stand and there may be other state-assisted or private finance options available. Once you are approved for Medicaid or you already under the coverage of Medicaid it will need to be determined by a Doctor that it is necessary for your health and safety to be in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Find A Place That Is Right For You

While looking for a nursing home or live in facility keep in mind that not all places accept payments from Medicaid. Remember to check to see if that payment option is available for the desired place you wish to live. After determining if the place you wish to live accepts Medicaid, go check it out, get a feel for the surroundings to see if you would be comfortable staying there.

The Steps To Take:

Step #1  – Apply for Medicaid if not already receiving Medicaid benefits
Step #2 –  Have A Doctor Confirm That Its In Your Best Interest To Live In A Facility
Step #3 – Find A Facility That Will Accept Medicaid
Step #4 – Visit your perspective to see how the Place where you will be living is a Fit for You
Step #5 – Move In And Enjoy Your Days Peacefully

Living in an assisted living facility or nursing home carry a lot of benefits for both people who are in need of care and their families. Remember to do your research on a facility to ensure your loved ones will be receiving the best care possible. Check the facility’s license to see if they have any reports of neglect. Check the ratio of how many people are assigned to one caretaker at a time in a nursing home, to get a better feel for what kind of care would be provided. Always remember if it doesn’t feel right don’t go for it.

Renewing Care

The requirements for Medicaid nursing home care have to be followed every time you renew. You are renewing every year with the help of the people who work in your local Medicaid office, and you must have a contact number for someone who will help you complete this process. The purpose of renewing is to check your income, renew the payment plan with the people at the nursing home, and to update your treatment plan. The steps to take for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care can be repeated every year, and you can easily transcribe this year’s information onto the forms you have always used.

Which Location Will You Go To? 

You can go to any location that you want, and you must choose that nursing home in advance of requesting funds from Medicaid. The steps to take for assisted living costs often must include the note from the nursing home. You will have many problems with the nursing home if you have not acquired a quote from the first, and Medicaid will require you to complete this quote every year at renewal.


The assistance that you get from Medicaid will help pay completely for the nursing home care that you need. You could send one of your loved ones to a nursing home, or you could admit yourself to the nursing home using these services. You might want to have these documents put together once you have found the right place to go. Medicaid expects that you will submit a quote from the nursing home, and the nursing home will work with Medicaid on a payment plan for your treatment.

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