Mobility Aids for Stress-free Ageing

Mobility Aids

As you age you may need extra help to get about or just to make life more comfortable and easier. As you will spend an increasing amount sitting down and at home a recliner chair is a good idea, if you have back problems or muscle weakness, swollen legs or poor circulation.

On size does not fit all with mobility products so your first step should be to do some research by speaking to a few reputable firms to get advice, you can locate a good mobility product supplier by checking a local directory, or searching on the Internet. Mobility product adverts are often in the daily or local newspapers, or asking friends or recommendations by word of mouth are excellent ways of finding a reputable mobility supplier. Lots of mobility centres have been springing up over the last ten years due to demand, as the population ages, and they have seen a niche in the market. You can get almost anything to help you with one thing or another.

With a reclining chair, as I noticed with my Mum, who had one in the home she was residing in, it’s important that the heels hang over the footboard so that legs can fully relax, and that the arm rests are the right height so that elbows don’t stick out. A manual recliner is operated by a lever, whilst an electric one usually comes with a handset. Quiet, dual electric motors allow the leg-rest and backrest to operate independently. With the motor versions the leg-rest and backrest recline at the same time up to a 45 or so degree angle, so they are good for watching TV.

A good nights sleep is very important for the body and soul to recharge and many older people have great difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, often due to pain from arthritis or other elderly conditions. We spend one third of our lives in bed so a good one is paramount, and enough money is not always invested in sleeping. When purchasing a bed you must always try it out by lying on it, do not worry about what people in the shop think, they are used to people trying before they buy.

Personal choice of a soft, medium or hard mattress should be taken into account. You can also get a motorised bed which lifts the head section for reading and TV watching, and raises the feet to ease circulation problems and swelling of the ankles, another downside of ageing. Some beds come with a massage function, couples can also get combination beds so partners can continue to enjoy a double bned, whilst adjusting their side in a way that suits them e.g. different weights of people, density and firmness of mattress, single mattresses can be zipped together to form a double one.

Pillows are another important issue especially if you suffer from neck pain. My husband and I, who are reasonably fit, both find great benefit from a memory foam pillow which supports your neck, as though you had a rolled up towel underneath your neck. These take some getting used to, and unfortunately are harder than normal pillows so can cause some lining of the face during sleep. A small price to pay for comfort and stopping neck pain.

If you have great difficulty walking to carry out shopping or just getting about, a mobility scooter may be the answer. You see a lot more of them these days. The top speed is 8mph and some people even take them on the road, although safety should be very carefully considered with regards to an elderly person using a mobility scooter on the road. They can also be dangerous on the pavement with pedestrians, if driven recklessly with no regard for other people.

They range from lightweight folding models, which fit in a car boot, to medium-weight models, which can be dismantled for travel, to more stable heavyweight models. Whichever one you decide on, shop around and do your homework. The ones that are used on the road must have lights and indicators and be registered with the DVLA, they can also be used on the pavement when limited to 4mph.

Many mobility scooter suppliers will offer you a free 7 day trial with the right to cancel should it not be the right model, or you feel you don’t have the confidence to handle one. It is important to make sure a mobility scooter is suited to your personal mobility needs.

In our modern world there are many mobility aids that can help to alleviate the stress of growing old, and provide much-needed support to make coping as we age much easier. All in all these products can offer you comfort and mobility in throughout your later years.

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