How to Stay Healthy While Aging

How to Stay Healthy While Aging

Every year that passes, you grow a little older and wiser. But don’t be fooled; this doesn’t mean your health will worsen with age! There are many factors to consider when assessing how aging effects our bodies – but if left unmanaged or taken care of incorrectly, the consequences can become detrimental to quality-of-life.

12 Steps to Aging Well

1. Good Dental Hygiene

Whether you are 19 or 99, practicing good dental hygiene will be vital to your overall health. Regular brushing (at least twice a day) and flossing will go a long way in fighting off gum disease, tooth decay, cavities – and everything else that comes with poor oral health.

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Your weight in middle age could correlate to how healthy you will be as you get older. High blood pressure is more likely to occur in overweight people; however this claim has not been confirmed by medical studies and experts remain cautious on drawing such conclusions without further evidence for it being true. Unless you have an underlying condition that requires your high blood pressure medication, maintaining a healthy weight can keep your BP in check while also lowering the risk for other health problems.

3. Eat Healthy Meals and Snacks

Eating nutritious snacks and meals are necessary to your lifelong overall good health. Plus, they will help you maintain a healthy weight! Try recipes like our vegetarian-friendly “veggie sticks” – raw veggies dipped in hummus (no extra calories but still tasty!) – or even dark chocolate, if you don’t mind the extra calories. Veggies should be incorporated into every meal from breakfast to dinner. Our favorites include carrots with peanut butter, bell peppers with cheese slices, celery mixed with almond butter…you get the idea!  Have an after-dinner mint that’s not made of sugar? We’ll take it!

4. Participate in Physical Activity

Just because you have grown old, does not mean that you have to give up on staying active and healthy. In fact, physical activity is the best way to live a long life while maintaining health and happiness! The secret? Vary your activities, adjust intensity levels, be kind to your body when needed, and stop if you ever feel pain. Visit the library for yoga or tai chi classes…or go swimming! If cost is an issue for these activities, check with your local community center or church.

5. Cut Down on Stress

Stress can lead to excess weight gain as well as anxiety-related illnesses like heart disease and depression. But cutting down on stress does not necessarily mean giving up all of the things you love in life! Relax by doing something fun – go for a walk with your grandchildren or take a trip to the zoo. Boosting your relaxation efforts is also a great way to boost your happy hormones, and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

6. Cut Down on Alcohol

If you like drinking but want to live longer, try cutting down on alcohol instead of completely abstaining from the activity. Recent studies have shown that moderate drinkers have increased life spans as well as reduced risks for cancers and heart disease than non-drinkers!

7. Get Your Exercise – But be Gentle on Your Body When Needed!

Focusing on strength training activities rather than endurance exercises can help you build muscle while boosting bone density; this will also eventually slow down aging effects such as weakened bones. If you can, try exercising outside in the sun – this will help your body find a natural rhythm as well as provide vitamin D which is essential for strong bones.

8. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

All-natural sugars are actually good for you but manmade and processed sugar products can have negative effects on your BMI (Body Mass Index) and overall health. Even worse, most of these processed foods use corn syrup instead of cane sugar; so when possible, choose fresh produce or pastas over canned or boxed options!

9. Eat More Produce…Less Meat and Grains!  

Eating more veggies than meat not only helps you live longer but it also allows you to keep a healthy weight – there’s less fat per bite and your digestive system gets a boost! Treat yourself to some fruits and vegetables every day; it’ll help you smile when you’re 100 years old.

10. Quit Smoking

There are many health risks when it comes to smoking, including lung disease and cancer. You can feel free to use e-cigarettes or other nicotine alternatives as they’re much safer than the real product…plus you’ll have a lot more money in your pocket!

11. Schedule Checkups With Your Doctor

It’s important to go in for a routine checkup once every year or two. You’ll have the chance to have any brown spots removed, lower your risk of heart problems and many other crucial health concerns!

12. Staying Positive  Is Important !  

If you’re feeling down about yourself, getting help is vital. Talk to someone that you trust – your doctor, a friend or even a clergyman can be great sources of support when dealing with depression. Just because you may feel negative on the inside doesn’t mean it has to show on the outside too.  

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