Get Yourself Prepared for Assisted Living Facilities

Prepared for Assisted Living Facilities

Most people will experience this at some point in their lives: the move from living independently to assisted living. But for many seniors, it can be a difficult transition that is not easily made because of emotional reasons or physical limitations.

Issues That Seniors Might Face While Living in An Assisted Living Facility

Sleep Issue

Senior who move to assisted living facilities tend to have a barrage of problems and the most pressing problem is probably the sleep issue. They suddenly realize that they do not have their own bed and they no longer sleep alone: it becomes a struggle to fall asleep amid the other noises of wheelchairs, toilets flushing, TVs blaring in different rooms… ‘not having one’s own room’ is often the biggest issue for seniors moving into an Assisted Living Home.

Caregiving Issue

Another problem related to health care is caregiving issue. Some seniors are unable to move around by themselves; they need someone there 24 hours everyday just to help them with basic chores like eating or going to the bathroom (or even taking a shower) although many senior prefer living independently despite their physical limitations but if you cannot live on your own because of mobility issues then assisted living could be the right option for you. Even if they cannot live on their own senior citizens still need companionship, activities to do and someone there to help them with their daily needs and many times these are not available in an independent living community especially because assisted living facilities have more staff then independent communities so seniors can get all of this and yet remain independent.

Away from Family

Another problem is that a senior’s family may be far away or busy with work; some seniors just feel alone even though they live in a large community of people. This feeling of isolation affects both physical health and mental health negatively and may lead to depression among the elderly which is another concern for seniors moving into assisted living.

Cost Issues

The costs of assisted living facility varies widely from one state to another. The cost of assisted living facilities may depend on what type of facility it is and how many services it offers. There are also different levels of care, depending on the level of assistance a senior or elderly person needs. It can cost from $3,500 up to over $4,000 per month (for a full time live in nurse).

End Stage Renal Disease

Seniors with end stage renal disease must find a facility that will accept them so they can get regular dialysis treatment since Medicare will not pay for this service if they lack coverage at an acceptable facility.

Licensed Nursing Homes

Just as there are rules and regulations about assisted living communities, there are also regulations concerning nursing homes. To be licensed by the state as an elderly care facility or nursing home, the building must meet certain requirements. For example, all rooms must be private and have a door that can close to keep out distractions. The floors must be free of clutter and dangerous trip hazards. There are also specific rules about the number of staff per resident that is required in order to properly care for residents. The staff may include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nurse’s aides (CNAs) or other types of certified caregivers who provide services such as bathing, feeding, dressing and toileting assistance, along with medication monitoring and injections if necessary.

Here are 5 tips on how to make your adjustment easier!

Plan ahead and prepare physically

A lot goes into preparing yourself before you come home; put together an emergency bag with necessities like toiletries, medicines and glasses if needed so they’re ready when needed (nothing worse than coming back only then realizing something’s missing).

Make friends early on

If you find being alone hard after all those years spent socializing outside of work hours as well as inside them then try making new friends right away instead of waiting until you feel lonely, otherwise they may not want to get together with you because you’re the new resident in need of a friend and that won’t make either of you happy.

Be welcoming

Give compliments about new people even if they are aware of the fact that you like them already, this is in order to create positive energy around yourself during introductions, if you do this before bringing up details that may be uncomfortable then it is easier for them to adjust, ask questions and be genuinely interested in their answers.

Be A Good Listener

Listen well, and then pull back a bit so that others can voice their own opinions/feelings on the matter without feeling like you took center stage.

Ask for what you need and want

This can be difficult at first because ‘being grown up’ means taking care of yourself but again if things aren’t going well just ask someone for help; maybe nothing will change or there’s something problematic going on but at least now people know something is wrong.

Be your authentic self

Don’t feel you have to ‘fit in’ or change the way you look or act. It’s best to just be yourself and do what makes you happy!

Don’t Share Personal Information

Be cautious about personal information – You don’t have to tell all your business right off the bat, keep it light and simple so there’s no extra pressure

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