Exercises to Reduce the Effects of Aging

Exercises to Reduce the Effects of Aging

There are many benefits to exercising. For one, exercise helps the body burn fat in order to release energy for running and other activities that will require stamina and physical activity. Exercise is also helpful in maintaining weight; it boosts the metabolism of fats in the body which then helps with weight loss. However, studies have shown that approximately 23% of Americans practice some form of exercise.

As a person gets older, he or she becomes more prone to a sedentary lifestyle even if they have a normal exercise routine. The reason why this article was written is to provide suggestions on how to reduce the effects of aging through exercises in order to maintain fitness without giving up a lifestyle. Thus, by doing these simple steps, one can still be healthy even when he/she grows older –


One of the muscles that are used in swimming is the quads. In order to effectively relieve pain, it is best to swim at least 3 times a week for 30 – 45 minutes. Swimming will also help with upper back issues. When one gets older and stop doing exercises such as running or jogging, he/she may experience lower back pains due to the fact that these activities aggravate this area but by doing postures such as swimming can help lessen this problem. Exercising can be fun especially if there is a pool wherein one can do laps in order to reduce arthritis pain as well as maintain his/her figure through losing weight and getting fit.

Weight Lifting

It is common knowledge that weightlifting help to prevent bone loss. Weight lifting should be done on a regular basis to maintain the strength of one’s bones and avoid collapsing of the same due to stress. Lifting weights are important for older women since osteoporosis is very common among them. In order to keep these problems at bay, it is important for a woman to lift weights or do exercises such as push ups in order to lessen the effects of aging. You can use heavier weights but it will not cause any harm to your body if you follow instructions properly and pay attention while doing it.


When one gets older, he/she is more prone to a sedentary lifestyle that can lead him/her to have heart problems if this problem was not already present before getting older. Losing weight will not help in improving the heart rate and breathing capacity of an older person. This exercise for children and adults alike involves one dancing while listening music with the rhythm of his choice which helps improve endurance and also burn fats without putting too much pressure on knees, hips, etc… in order for it to be effective, it is suggested that you dance at least 5 times a week for 45 minutes to 1 hour if you are an older person. You can try dancing when you feel like exercising is getting boring but make sure to follow the beat of the music and do some stretching before putting too much pressure on your body if you intend to dance for 1 hour.


Walking can help slow down aging by keeping one’s heart healthy and strong. As people gain weight, it only adds more pressure on the arteries. Walking is suggested as part of an exercise routine in order to avoid complications from happening especially for those who are overweight or obese.


Yoga is perfect for older women especially those who are having a hard time with their body weight. Yoga involves stretching one’s body by doing poses that focus on balance and coordination. Doing yoga helps one become more flexible which reduces the chances of experiencing pains in the lower back or even arthritis due to aging.

Tai Chi

The process of aging can lead one to have poor posture which is an indication of weak bones or even just a result from being overweight. Tai chi is centered on improving posture over time by taking slow, controlled breaths while doing poses such as stretching the arms in front of one’s body and moving it in a circular motion. Overall health will improve along with flexibility if one learns how to do tai chi correctly since this kind of exercise normally takes time before positive effects are seen.

Strength Exercises

If you want to make muscles stronger, it would be best for you to choose strength training exercises that can improve muscle development instead of just going running every day hoping it will burn all fats in your body. If you really want to see some results, it is best for you to start using strength training exercises along with aerobic exercises. Muscle building exercises are simple but can be very effective if used the right way and combination of both weights lifting and aerobic exercise routines will only lead to more improvements in one’s overall health.

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