Best Walk-In Tubs For Seniors

Best Walk-In Tubs For Seniors

Walk-in tubs come with inbuilt safety features for elderly persons, disabled groups, and the ones suffering from restricted mobility. They contain an airtight entrance door and low step-in entry; these features help persons to step directly into the tub and not lift their legs to enter.

Walk-in tubs also have chair-level seats so the person does not have to go up and down from the top to the base of the tub. Only they have to walk in and sit down to take a bath.

Best 6 Walk-in Tubs for Elderly People

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Walk-in Bathtubs for SeniorsDimensionsMaterialInstallation MethodWeight
Empava EMPV-WIT373 52.5″ Acrylic Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub52.5 x 26.5 x 40 inchesFiberglassFreestanding109.8 pounds
Companion Massage Walk In Tub60 x 30 x 42 inchesAcrylicDrop In220 pounds
American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool Walk-In Bathtub52 x 32 x 40 inchesFiberglassThree Wall Alcove239 pounds
Ella Walk-In Bathtub37 x 29.5 x 55 inchesAcrylicDrop In210 pounds
ANZZI Walk-In Swinging Whirlpool Tub52.5 x 26.5 x 40 inchesAcrylicFreestanding275 pounds

1. Empava EMPV-WIT373 52.5″ Acrylic Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub

Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub makes bath enjoyable again. Entering a bathtub does not have to be complicated. Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub comes standard with handrails that allow you to enter the bathtub without losing your balance. Its wide door ensures easy entry and chair-height seat adds to the comfort. Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub has got a non-slip texture floor which makes it perfect for people with a disability or with mobility issues.  Getting in and out of Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub is as easy as pie.

The threshold is just 4 inches high from the floor but it is high enough to stop the water spilling out. Safe and secure, Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-In Bathtub flaunts a contemporary and compact design that will definitely complement the existing décor of your bathroom for sure. The attached knob is easy to use and has got an ergonomic design. Attached to the rim is a handrail that allows you to get a solid grip while taking a bath. Inside the bathtub is a grab bar that ensures safety. It has got a maximum water capacity of around 94 gallons.

2. Companion Massage Walk In Tub

Companion Massage Walk In Tub has got two seats facing each other. At the center of this walk-in tub is a swing door that opens inwards. The seats are spacious and comfortable. The outer shell is made from white acrylic and has got a glossy finish. Easy to clean, Companion Massage Walk In Tub is highly resistant to scratches. The installation process is very simple and it has got a strong stainless-steel frame that adds to its longevity. The floor is made from slip-resistant materials and it has got a low step-in threshold.

To make sitting even more comfortable. Removable back support comes included which makes these seats even more comfortable.  The door is fitted with tempered glass that adds to its grace and beauty. The drainage system is powered by Dual Drain Technology. One of the most amazing things about this Companion Massage Walk In Tub is that it helps to hydrate your skin by creating oxygen-rich bubbles in the water. You will also get an intensity control dial to operate the 18 Jet Hydrotherapy System.

3. American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool Walk-In Bathtub

American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool Walk-In Bathtub looks elegant and has got a wide range of exciting features to allow you to have a luxurious bath. Why should young people have all the fun right? Sometimes, you need to stop being so hard on yourself all the time, and what better way to give yourself a treat than purchasing this magnificent Walk-in Tub. American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool Walk-In Bathtub drains out water really fast and you don’t even have to ask a plumber to do another plumbing.

The tub gets filled at 16 gallons per minute which is just incredible. To make entry safe, American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool Walk-In Bathtub has lowered the threshold and has also got a non-slip textured floor. It has got a massive 80 gallons weight capacity. Experience a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience in this walk-in tub.

4. Ella Walk-In Bathtub

Ella Walk-In Bathtub is designed for those who hate to get stuck in a small and confined place. Big guys need a big bathtub, period! Ella Deluxe Walk-In Bathtub is probably one of the most spacious walk-in bathtubs that you will ever come across. It comes standard with a wide range of therapeutic features and you will get ample legroom in it. It is 55 inches long and 33 inches wide – perfect for a lanky guy.

The gloss finish makes it extremely easy to clean and the body of this Ella Walk-In Bathtub is made from high-grade white acrylic that adds to its extreme durability. Ella Walk-In Bathtub comes fitted with adjustable leveler legs that can be utilized to lower the height of the step-in threshold. Its stainless-steel frame is dustproof and it has got a cool and stylish door attached to it. The drains operate automatically which is nice. Here are some of its coolest features –

  • Adjustable Leveling Legs
  • Stainless-Steel Frame
  • Gloss Acrylic Finish
  • Fiberglass Reinforcement

5. Aqua Acrylic Walk-In Tub

Aqua Acrylic Walk-In Tub is designed for an average Joe and comes equipped with all the advanced features that you would normally expect in a walk-in tub. It has got an S-Shape door that opens inwards. The seat is quite comfortable and is 21 inches wide. The step-in threshold is ideal for people who are suffering from stability or mobility problems. The outer shell of this Aqua Acrylic Walk In Tub is made from acrylic and it is supported by a stainless-steel frame. The floor is slip-resistant and there is a deck-mounted grab bar in it.

6. ANZZI Walk-In Swinging Whirlpool Tub

ANZZI Walk-In Swinging Whirlpool Tub has simplified the concept of making an entry into a bathtub. Equipped with Acu-Stream therapeutic massage jets, ANZZI Walk-In Swinging Whirlpool Tub will allow you to experience a soothing and comforting bath. Experience body aero-therapeutic massage in this one of its kind walk-in bathtub and that too without spending a fortune on it.

The temperature of the water will remain at a comfortable level all the time thanks to its Inline maintenance heater. And don’t forget to pamper yourself with its amazing aroma infused massage bubbles.  Chromatherapy colored light bathing will help you relax your body and mind and feel refreshed again. The seat is ADA compliant and the floor is made from slip-resistant materials. Don’t forget to use the grab bars while transitioning in or out of the bathroom.

Buying Guide For Walk-In Tubs For Seniors

Here are some important considerations when making your selection among the different walk-in tub models for seniors.

Opt For An In-Home Assessment

Many walk-in tub dealers provide complimentary home visit services to help you evaluate your walk-in tub needs. They send their technicians to measure the available space, following which they design a tub that matches the dimensions and has the features you require.

Draw Your Budget

The prices of walk-in tubs are in the range of $1,500 to $20,000, depending on the various features and installation charges. To get the most from your investment in walk-in tubs, you must make sure they have the requisite features.

Many manufacturers want you to make the right choice and you can work in tandem with them all the way.

Tailor Your Order

After the specialists take the measurements, you can go ahead and order a tub that will be accommodated in the available space, with all the comfort features you need. Most people go with heated seats, neck rests, and massaging systems, among others.

Go With Professional Services

While some walk-in tub producers send their technicians to mount the tubs, others have reliable local plumbers to complete the job. Whatever the case may be, you must check whether the plumber is experienced in tub and pipe fittings.

Select Your Walk-In Tub Warranty Deal

Walk-in tubs come with warranties – either on the whole package or separate parts. Always try to understand the warranty terms beforehand. As such, you must inquire about the warranty cover and the validity details.

Customized Features A Senior-Friendly

Among the various features that are available for walk-in tubs, you may get confused while choosing the ones that are best suited to your requirements.  So, here we have listed some important custom-made features to consider during your walk-in tub purchases.

1. Wall Surround

You can opt for an acrylic wall surround system to be added to your tub for a taller shower. These resources come with shelf space and offer protection to walls from water damage.

2. Tub Extender

Walk-in tub manufacturers produce extensions for tubs that do not fit properly in the available space in your bathroom. Such extensions are helpful to cover gaps between the walls and tub and useful for storing bathing materials, shampoos, and soaps. With extenders, you may have to move the shower curtain so they cover the entire tub and water does not spill out and cause pools on the floor, which makes the floor slippery.

3. Tile Flange For Acrylic-Based Varieties

A tile flange is an elevated area around the sides of the tub deck between the tile and wall to fix a seal for preventing leakages.

4. Neck Rest

If you need greater support than what the basic seat provides, then you can install a neck rest on your seat. Talk to your dealer to know about the varied types of neck rests.

5. Massaging System

Walk-in tubs with massaging systems (including air and water jets) are also available – for a plush bathing experience that is.

Safety Features Of A Senior-Friendly

Walk-in tubs are designed with an array of safety measures. Commonly, people buy walk-in tubs for preventing falls while they enter or exit the regular bathtubs. Non-slip floors, high walls, grab bars, and comfortable seats make these tubs safer to use for people with mobility issues.

1. Textured Floor

Most walk-in tubs have textured floor surfaces that prevent falls. They are suitable for persons having mobility issues.

2. In-Built Shower Seat

Walk-in tubs are available with shower seats that are approximately 17 inches in height. They are safe for bathing and prevent falls because of textured planes. Getting up from such seats is easier as compared to regular tub floors.

3. Anti-Scald Valve

Walk-in tubs are fitted with anti-scald valves; they adjust to changes in pressure of hot and cold-water lines, so you do not get injured due to immediate changes in water temperature. If the water temperature rises or falls suddenly, you can injure yourself; and to prevent such accidents, the standard safety valves are mandatory in walk-in bathtubs.

4. Grab Bars

Nearly all tubs have minimum two grab bars or handrails. Always opt for these tools and fit them where they suit your convenience. In some models of walk-in tubs, grab bars are optional. Nonetheless, you must purchase them for disabled persons, for they would get extra support with them.

5. Contoured Seats

Contoured surfaces are not only comfortable, but also, they help to prevent you from sliding or slipping off from your walk-in tub seat.

6. In-line Heater

In-line heaters in walk-in tubs maintain the water at a constant temperature when the jets are operational. They warm the water so you are not discomforted and can use the tub for longer durations to benefit from the therapeutic effects.

Standard Features Of A Senior-Friendly Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in bathtubs are comparable to conventional bathtubs in various ways. Both take up the same amount of space and are installable in one day. Even so, walk-in tubs have some extra features that distinguish them from the traditional ones.

1. Hand-Held Showerheads

Some people have trouble standing while bathing and they are advised to use handheld showerheads. Normally, the showerhead is found towards the front side of the tub with the faucets. Though, in some models, the showerheads are elevated and contain adjustable rods.

2. Low Step-Up

As compared to standard bathtubs, walk-in tubs have a lower step-up and this makes them useful for people who suffer from restricted mobility.

More commonly, the step-up height is between the range of 4 to 7 inches, though some varieties have step-ups as low as 2.5 inches for easy access.

3. Walk-In Tub Sizes

In general, walk-in tubs occupy the same amount of space as regular bathtubs. Many models are between 37 to 47 inches in length. The length and width of different models vary, but usually walk-in tubs measure 28 to 32 inches in width and maximum 60 inches in length.

While some manufacturers provide optional trim kits to make sure the tub fits well in the available bathroom space, others offer compact walk-in tubs that are suited for small-sized bathrooms. Most walk-in tubs are designed for fitting in the space occupied by standard tubs.

4. Sealed Doors

Walk-in tubs come with sealed doors, which are leak-proof and prevent water from trickling out of the tub. After the tub completely drains, you can exit the tub by opening the door.

5. Added Depth

The water level in walk-in bathtubs is around 2.5 feet in depth. Conversely, traditional bathtubs have water levels that are only a foot deep. The additional depth in walk-in tubs imparts a relaxing soak to the users.

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