Best Tricycles for Elderly

Best Three Wheel Bikes for Elderly

Cycling is fun: and seniors, like youngsters, have a fun streak in them. So, the three-wheel bikes have been introduced for elderly individuals, too. The 3-wheel bikes for seniors are easier to ride than the regular 2-wheeled bikes.

The 3-wheeled bikes are also referred to as recumbent bikes or tricycles or trikes. They are deemed suitable for elderly persons because of their stability and mobility features. Elderly persons can use their 3-wheel bikes to visit neighbors or go shopping. More importantly, they offer basic physical exercise which can make you feel healthier and younger.

Overall, they are highly convenient. Anyways, let’s study know more about these vehicles.

Best 7 Tricycles for Seniors

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1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle has got aluminum frame. To make the ride even more comfortable and safe, adjustable springer cruiser seat is added in this Tricycle. You don’t even have to bend while pedaling as Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle allows you to ride in upright position. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle features classic handlebars that allows you to move around freely and conquer new grounds. The rims are made from alloy and this is what has allowed this Tricycle to keep the weight in check.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle comes equipped with stylish full fenders that will help you stay clean throughout the journey. No matter how bad the weather is or how bad the condition of the road is, you can always expect a comfortable ride in Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle Is fitted with a large folding basket, where you can store a week worth of groceries without destabilizing the stability of this tricycle in one way or the other.

Are you tired of driving around in your car all the time just for purchasing some groceries from a local Store? Well, why not give this Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle a try to experience the real difference. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle will help you stay healthy and fit. Cycling is definitely one of the best forms of exercise and it is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly ways to commute. Maximum weight capacity of this tricycle is 300 lbs. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle comes fitted with a front alloy liner full break. An expander brake is attached to the rear section of this tricycle. Use any of this brake to pull over and you will not fumble for sure.

You will feel less stress on your back while riding on this Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle. The seat is adjustable. The height of the seat can be increased from 37’’ to 40’’ if you wish so. The assembling process is very simple. You can even do it by yourself if you have got time or the patience or else, you can just hand it over to a local bike shop and they will get assembled it for you.

2. Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike Cargo Bike

If you are looking for a hauler for your daily hustles? Well in that case, look no farther than Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike Cargo Bike. This tricycle is built to last long and it comes fitted with a large Mesh basket. You can put all your grocery items that you tend to purchase from the nearby farmers market and believe me you’ll never feel out of control while riding it.

Well-known for its extreme stability, Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike Cargo Bike has got a classic back handlebar that allows riders to pedal around in a relaxed position. Forget about your stiff back as this adult tricycle will allow you to ride upright throughout the journey.  It has got an aluminum frame and this is what has helped it cut down on its weight. 

Comfortable riding is somewhat guaranteed by its springer Cruiser seat. Helping you stay clean and dry are full fenders whose job is to keep the dirt and debris away. The best thing about these fenders is that they are extremely lightweight and have got stylish look as well. The 24 inches alloy wheels will keep you going without making you feel tired and exhausted. The real basket, which is primarily used for storing items, can be folded down when not in use.  The height of the handlebar can be adjusted and this is definitely one of the main USPs.

3. GBSELL Adult Tricycles

GBSELL Adult Tricycles Is a versatile 3 wheels bike for adults. The maximum weight capacity of this adult tricycle is around 300 lbs and it has got a nice sturdy design. The rear basket is spacious enough to accommodate all your grocery items.  This is a practical three-wheel bicycle which is design for people with disability or for people with mobility issues. Just hop on this GBSELL Adult Tricycles and start exploring places around you without the fear of falling. You can ride this tricycle on different surfaces.  No matter how bad the condition of the roads is, you can always expect a comfortable ride on GBSELL Adult Tricycles.

GBSELL Adult Tricycle comes equipped with 3 large wheels. Keeping the dart away are two full fenders. These full fenders do prove handy when it comes to keeping your tricycle nice and clean most of the time.  The rims are made from lightweight alloy. The spokes are made from galvanized iron that adds to the overall longevity of this GBSELL Adult Tricycle.

Keeping the ride smooth is it ergonomic design. The frame is made from stainless steel which is impervious to corrosion and rust. In case of emergency, you can pull this tricycle over in an instant by using its flexible rear derailleur. Parking this tricycle will be as easy as pie thanks to the inclusion of rear brakes and front V brake.

4. Hmazy Adult Tricycles

Hmazy Adult Tricycle has got a cool new shiny look. This adult tricycle is chiefly designed for those who want to spend more time outdoors. Hmazy Adult Tricycle comes fitted with a spacious back basket.  All the three 24 inches wheels are made from high strength Steel. The maximum weight capacity of this Hmazy Adult Tricycle is around 330 lbs. It has got front V brakes that will help rider to stop the tricycle immediately without jeopardizing his or her stability in the process. Providing double protection are the brakes that are placed on both front and rear sections of this tricycle. The handlebar of this Hmazy Adult Tricycle is made from premium quality rubber that provides superior grip.

The wheels of Hmazy Adult Tricycle are fitted with fenders to keep the dart and the debris away. Since the frame of this Hmazy Adult Tricycle is made from stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about corrosion and rust.

Want to speed up or slow down the speed of your tricycle without falling down in the process? Well, you are in for luck. This Hmazy Adult Tricycle comes fitted with rear derailleur that will allow you to make changes in your speed in case of an emergency. Also don’t forget to give the shift lever and the 7-speed flywheel a try in case you have to stop the bike on a dime. The rubber handles have got a nice ergonomic design. Attached to the seat is a spring that will make your journey even more comfortable and enjoyable. Turn the seatpost clamp to change the height of the seat.

5. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle is designed for those people who just want to have some fun outside. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle will help you spend more time outdoor and lead a healthy lifestyle. You can take this 3-wheel bike with you to the nearby farmer’s market or for a leisure ride. Extremely comfortable, Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle comes fitted with ergonomic recumbent seat that will provide ample support to your back.

Cardiovascular workout has never been this fun and all the credits must be given to Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle. This tricycle will put minimal pressures on your joints, back and knees. The frame of this Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle is made from stainless steel and the maximum weight capacity of this three-wheel cruise is around 250 lbs. Known for its superior stability, Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle has low center of gravity that makes riding this tricycle as easy as pie. Maneuvering this tricycle is also fairly simple and straightforward, all you have to do is to use Dual-joystick steering and there you have it.

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle has got a ton of exciting features. It comes equipped with 16-inch rear wheels, safety flag, 20-inch front wheel, caliper hand brakes and more. Weighs just around 44 lbs, this Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle can be used by both men and women.

People with balance problems will definitely find this Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle handy. The height of the seat can be adjusted easily.

6. Slsy Adult Tricycles

Slsy Adult Tricycles requires minimum assembly which is convenient for elderly people with mobility issues. The company provides all the assembly tools that you need to get this thing up and running in a matter of few minutes. It comes fitted with a water bottle cage and an easy to follow user manual.

The frame of this Slsy Adult Tricycles is made from stainless steel and therefore, it is no wonder that it has a carrying capacity of 350 lbs. You don’t have to worry about the chassis getting bent, break or snapped while riding this tricycle, as the frame is made from extremely durable stainless steel.

Slsy Adult Tricycles has got a spacious rear basket where you can store all your grocery items and it will not have any impact on its stability whatsoever.

7. EOSAGA Adult Tricycle

EOSAGA Adult Tricycle Is made from high carbon steel that adds to its longevity. The maximum weight capacity of this EOSAGA Adult Tricycle is around 400 lbs which is impressive by any standard.  The company have gone one step further to enhance the overall stability of this price cycle. People with serious mobility issues will find this EOSAGA Adult Tricycle – a gift from God, as tricycle has got an innovative self-balancing design. Ideal for people between 70 and 74 inches, EOSAGA Adult Tricycle has got a ton of exciting features.

EOSAGA Adult Tricycle comes fitted with installation tools, dust bag, multifunction screwdriver, chain rivel extractor, hexagon wrench, anti-theft lock, a pump and of course, an user manual. The assembling process is very simple. Take a cue from the user manual provided and I don’t think you will have a hard time getting this thing assembled.

EOSAGA Adult Tricycle has made pedaling fun and not something boring. The spring assisted seat makes the journey even more comfortable and exciting.

3-Wheel Bikes For Seniors: What Are They?

Best Three Wheel Bikes

The 3-wheeled bikes are available in two models: human-engineered and gravity-driven.

People of all age groups can use them to commute from one destination to another. They can go to their favorite joints without depending upon anybody. Plus, they come with a basket, for you to carry your bag and groceries when out shopping.

3-Wheeled Senior Friendly Bikes Buying Guide

The 3-wheel bicycles that are ideal for you should fit within your budget, physical condition, and other requirements. Also, make sure that your model has the following design features when making your selection.

1. Assembly

Most tricycles need to be assembled. So, the question arises whether you have the expertise to do the needful? If yes, then that’s great; and if not, then you need an expert to perform the job.

Many people opt for uncomplicated assembly versions to save themselves the trouble.

2. Step Through Design

Look for bikes that have a low step-through design for they allow easy mounting and dismounting from the vehicle.

3. Parts Availability

Your tricycle will need servicing periodically. So, make sure you select a bike whose spare parts are easily accessible.

4. Lightweight

Your tricycle should not be bulky. Fortunately, most tricycles are composed of lightweight materials and this is what makes them easy to ride.

5. Brakes

Though most 3-wheel bikes come with pedal brakes, yet you can use the handbrakes if you’re not able to use the foot brakes. Also, you can avail the coaster brakes. Go with the ones that suit you.

6. Handlebars

With aging, seniors suffer from a host of medical problems – including Arthritis. So, the handlebars of your tricycle are an important consideration. So, choose wisely.

Conventional handlebars work well but you need a stable range of motion and strong upper body power to maneuver them.

Loop handlebars are available in circle and square shapes. They are suitable if you have weak hands or arms.

Chopper handlebars are thin, long, and point back to the driver. You can fit them on any 3-wheel bike, but you need strength and a good range of motion to use them.

7. Physical Condition

Be sure to check the physical condition of your loved one with your family doctor. An array of specialized 3-wheel bikes is available; they cater to the different physical needs of seniors.

Surely, you do not want to gift a trike that will cause accidents, so be careful in your selection.

8. Seats

Some models of fully recumbent and semi recumbent trikes come with padded seats, while others have platform or sling seats. Depending on your physical condition, opt for the ones that you find comfortable.

Also, the saddle should be cozysome and breathable. Also, some varieties contain seat straps for offering greater support to elderly individuals. More so, mesh seats rate higher in breathability than hard-shell seats.

9. Ergonomic Built

For seniors with limited strength, the ergonomically-designed tricycles are recommended; they help to reduce pressure during pedaling. For instance, with swept-back handlebars, the senior citizen can remain in an upright position and protect their back.

10. Comfort

Tricycles have to be comfortable. So, study the varied bike models and sitting positions to know what is comfortable for you. Beforehand, always conduct a thorough research.

11. Suspensions

Suspensions are required for your trike to run seamlessly over bumps, trails, and uneven surfaces.

12. Storage and Transportation

At times, you might need to carry your 3-wheeled bike to other places, so you may want to look for models that fit in your vehicle. The folding recumbent bikes are a good choice; only they may be slower and heavier on roads.

13. General Quality

Reliability and durability are two crucial factors when choosing 3-wheeled bikes for the elderly groups. So, you must look for models that come with wide stable wheels, modern steering, smooth brakes, steel-based frames, among other additions.

14. Accessories

Tricycles come with a range of accessories. While some models have a safety flag, others contain luggage baskets. Besides, you can avail reflectors on the rear wheel for your convenience and comfort.

15. Speed

Some seniors love cycling at high speeds; and for them, the high-performance recumbent bikes should be your pick. Such bikes can travel at fast speeds because they are extremely lightweight.

Different Types Of Tricycles for Elderly

Different people vary in their needs, so adult tricycles are available in a variety of designs and are manufactured differently.

1. Electric Trikes

Electric trikes are easy to ride in the sense that pedaling is optional. As such, you can exercise if you want or just enjoy the ride with the light evening breeze flowing by.

Also, check if you can add the electric function to your manually-operated 3-wheeled bike.

2. Tandem tricycles

Tandem tricycles have two seats so you along with your partner can ride together. One seat is in the front; and the other, towards the rear side.

One more option is the double-seat tricycle where the seats are situated on both sides.

3. Recumbent Trikes

Such bikes come with 2 front wheels and you’ve to pedal with your feet frontwards and not down below. They are sit-back trikes and offer comfort to your butt, back, and hands.

4. Semi-Recumbent Trikes

Semi-recumbent bikes are akin to recumbent bikes and function as per the pedal forward system. You will notice that the pedals have to be pushed forward while you’re in your seat which makes pedaling easy.

Plus, the seat back is elevated so you have greater support. Likewise, the handlebars are raised so you remain seated in an erect position. In all, these trike models are another name for comfort.

5. Delta Recumbent Trikes

Similar to the recumbent trikes are the Delta trikes that come with two wheels at the backside of the vehicle.

6. Folding Models

If you’re looking for a compact tricycle, then go with the folding trikes. They are foldable and can be stored easily if you’re pressed for space. Moreover, they are enjoyable to ride on.

7. Traditional Models

Traditional trikes are comparable to conventional bicycles; only the trikes contain three wheels.

8. Fat Trikes

Fat trikes are designed to navigate through rough terrain. They are robust and glide over harsh surfaces seamlessly. Also, they come with sturdy parts and suspension.

9. Industrial or Heavy-Duty Tricycles

The beefed-up versions of adult tricycles are the industrial or heavy-duty ones. They are larger in size, have a greater weight capacity, and come with robust 24” /26” wheels.

10. Special Needs 3-wheeled bikes

Special needs trikes are designed to accommodate special needs. For example, the hand-pedaled models of recumbent bikes are useful when you cannot use your legs. Similarly, people suffering from cerebral palsy, or other such illnesses, can opt for special bikes for greater coordination and strength.

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