Best Step Stools for Elderly to Get in Bed

Best Step Stools for Seniors

Seniors are plagued with a host of problems, with restricted mobility being one of them. As a result, they are unable to perform a host of daily tasks – such as squatting over toilets, reaching to long cabinets, stepping in and out of bathtubs, and hopping out of bed. In such cases, step stools come handy for performing these basic activities.

With step stools, seniors do not have to rely on others for help when climbing up and maintaining their balance. Plus, they provide the required help to the elderly groups, whereby, they can climb comfortably in and out of bed, and reach tall cabinets or other elevated platforms.

However, with a plethora of options in step stools available, choosing suitable ones can get overwhelming. Of course, you do not want to buy step stools that are not portable or break easily and result in you losing your investment, right?

So, here we have listed some important considerations to help you select step stools that are best suited for the elderly groups.

Best 7 Step Stools for Elderly

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1. DMI Step Stool

DMI Step Stool is known for providing superior stability thanks to its non-slip surface. The tips of this step stool do not move an inch when you are on it and the credit must be given to its slip-resistant rubber tips that keep this DMI Step Stool steady no matter what. Getting down from a step stool poses more challenges to an elderly person as he/she might have some level of mobility issues but with DMI Step Stool, you don’t have to think about that anymore as DMI Step Stool comes standard with foam handle grip that will provide ample support. Featuring

Chrome-plated steel frame, DMI Step Stool is extremely strong built and it has a maximum weight capacity of around 300 pounds. Now you can step onto higher places without fearing tipping over with this DMI Step Stool. And did we mention that assembling this DMI Step Stool is easy as it can get?

2. Etna JSNY Handy Support Step Stool

Etna JSNY Handy Support Step Stool is another versatile step stool that is specifically designed for those people with movement-related disorders. You don’t have to think twice while reaching out if you decide to put your money on this Etna JSNY Handy Support Step Stool. Etna JSNY Handy Support Step Stool can be used in offices, workplaces, or the kitchen as well.

Strong tubular construction adds to its impressive durability and its non-slip rubber platform will keep the step stool secure in its place. The maximum weight capacity of this step stool is 250 lbs. Weighs just 9 lbs, Etna JSNY Handy Support Step Stool has got rubber feet that keep it secure while in use. The best thing about this Etna JSNY Handy Support Step Stool is that it does not wobble at all.

3. AW Medical Step Footstool

AW Medical Step Footstool has got steel frame that helps it stand the test of time. The maximum weight capacity of this AW Medical Step Footstool is around 500 lbs but it is heavier than any other step stools that we have reviewed here. The rubber surface is non-slip in nature and adds to its stability is its thick and heavy legs. The best thing about this AW Medical Step Footstool is that it does not cause any scratches on the floor and the credit must be given to its reinforced feet.

Armed with this AW Medical Step Footstool, you will be able to reach out to stop shelves, do some cleaning, change blubs, etc. The handles and the legs are made from 16-gauge 1″ tube. The assembling process is simple and straightforward. It is lightweight and that means, you can get it transported anywhere you want.

4. Leekpai Sturdy Step Stool

Leekpai Sturdy Step Stool flaunts a rugged and stable design and the maximum weight capacity of this Leekpai Sturdy Step Stool is around 300 lbs. Premium steel construction adds to its superior strength. You can use this step stool either in your home, office, or in the workplace. People who are recovering from surgery or undergoing some kind of therapy might find this Leekpai Sturdy Step Stool super useful. Cleaning this step stool is quite easy. All you have to do is to use a sponge with water and it will be cleaned in a matter of a few minutes.

This step stool does not look out of place as it can blend in easily with all types of decors. It has got a nice texture that does not accumulate too much dirt. Getting this thing assembled is not that complicated. What is even more amazing is the fact that you don’t even have to purchase any tools to put this Leekpai Sturdy Step Stool together as it comes standard with a toolbox that contains wrench, inner hexagon, threaded nut gasket, etc. Basically., this toolbox has got everything that you will ever need to get this thing assembled.

5. Drive Medical Heavy-Duty Bariatric Footstool

Drive Medical Heavy-Duty Bariatric Footstool is constructed from 1-inch steel tubing that adds to its impressive strength. Drive Medical Heavy-Duty Bariatric Footstool has got nonskid feet and nonslip surfaces that keep it stable on all kinds of surfaces. This is one of the best step stools to use to reach out to tall shelves and upper cabinets. Drive Medical Heavy-Duty Bariatric Footstool has got a solid steel construction that has endowed its superior strength and the maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs. Drive Medical Heavy-Duty Bariatric Footstool has got a nice silver vein finish which is easy to maintain and the best thing about this step stool is that comes pre-assembled.

6. Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool

Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool is designed to offer an unparallel level of stability even in the face of utmost adversity. No matter how uneven the surface is, Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool will stay put. Triple-layered chrome-plated steel construction adds to its superior strength. Voted no 1 by doctors, Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool is highly resistant to rust and has got reinforced rubber feet. This step stool is used by medical professionals in laboratories and in hospitals and that means, you can purchase this without a second thought. You can double it as a sitting stool while gardening or you can use it to reach high-shelved items in your kitchen.

Vaunn Medical Foot Step Stool is extremely safe to use as it has got a non-skid rubber platform that generates an ample amount of tractions.

7. AdjustaStep(TM) Deluxe Step Stool

AdjustaStep(TM) Deluxe Step Stool has got a classy and modern design that will complement any décor. You can adjust the height of this step stool the way you like. The handle can be removed and reattached effortlessly in seconds and you don’t have to use any tools for that. It has definitely got an eye-candy look with its white/blue finish. The handgrips are non-slip by nature and offers a secure grip. You can secure grip even when the handrail is completely wet. All metal construction adds to its extreme durability. Overall, this is a nice step stool that seniors might handy without paying a hefty amount for that.

Bedside Step Stools Buying Guide

Here are some important considerations when purchasing bedside step stools for seniors.

1. Are Handrails Handy?

Handrails are helpful; only if they function properly though. When a couple of tools were tested, the rail became a hazard if one relied on them a lot. If you use the handrail as the main source of stability for pulling yourself up from the floor, the stool could topple over and cause you to fall.

However, many handrails are improved upon by adding a platform towards the base. As such, you can place one foot on the base and pull yourself to reach the step.

Though even with the absence of that, handrails may come handy for people who feel dizzy or face trouble balancing. Thus, you may want to look for step stools that are wedged tightly for greater security, with a handrail height that suits your stature.

Even so, in some cases, handrails make step stools less portable and, then, transporting the stool from one place to another could get difficult. But if portability is not much of a concern for you, then such type of stools are good options.

2. Which Size Is Best For You?

The size of step stools for seniors is an important consideration. Because you might not want a small-sized step stool for somebody with restricted mobility. Then, they will not be able to stand on both their feet and can fall down while injuring themselves. Thus, you must consider the surface area and height of the stool, in addition to the purposes for which the step stools are needed.

If you require a step stool only to get in and out of bed, then you may want a stool that is tall enough to provide the needed lift. Essentially, seniors must avoid heights that exceed their requirements because that puts them at risk of losing balance and falling.

More so, for stability purposes, you must go with step stools that can comfortably carry your weight and seat both feet. If you perceive that a step stool is not stable when both feet are planted and feel shaky, then go for the other options.

3. What About Rubber Grip?

While choosing a step stool for seniors, you may want to opt for the ones that have adequate rubber on both the stand and foot. Then, the stools do not slip easily and the chances of the elderly person slipping while being perched on the stools are slim.

Your best bet is to go with step stools that contain rubber on the platforms. Then, you can grip on the rubber while you’re shifting from the stool to your bed.

4. Why Durability Matters?

Though plastic step stools are portable, yet they do not rate high in durability and could collapse. Hence, you should be careful when selecting a portable stool. Some varieties rate low in quality and cannot even hold 200 pounds, even though they claim to hold 350 pounds.

Your best options are the ones that are durable enough to carry your weight, yet portable enough to be folded and slid beneath a dresser. Check the size of the stool when folded because some models are more compact than the others.

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