Best Bed Wetting Pads for Seniors

Best Bed Wetting Pads for Seniors

Among various health conditions that seniors suffer from urinary incontinence or bedwetting causes the most discomfort not only to them but also their caretakers. Also, changing their soiled sheets of an elderly person is both embarrassing and draining for the caregivers.

However, fortunately, you can avail a range of bed wetting sheets for adults to prevent leaks and make the cleaning process easier.

In bedwetting supplies, you can avail bedwetting pads for adults, washable bed wetting pads, among other supplies. They are helpful to prevent leaks and clean up after the bedwetting situations.

Though, with several options to choose from, you can get confused. So, you need to consider several aspects before you zero in on either reusable or disposable waterproof bed pads for elderly. Thus, we bring you this guide to help you in making your selection among the different bedwetting pads for seniors.

Best 6 Bed Wetting Pads for Seniors

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1. Medokare Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads

Say goodbye to bladder inconsistence with Medokare Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads. With these Medokare Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads, you will be able to avoid accidents and mishaps to a greater extent. These pads are also used in hospitals to help people with issues like bowel and bladder incontinence. These best disposable incontinence bed pads can soak up 1500 ml of water and offer an unparalleled level of protection in case of a mishap. If you want to stay dry throughout the night, you should put your trust on these disposable bed wetting pads for adults. Soft Fluff Fill can easily contain and absorb a higher volume of moisture. Disposables Chux Pads help reduce bad odor. 

Medokare Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads does not interfere with your sleep and these heavy-duty disposable bed pads have got slip-resistant backing to keep you protected throughout the night. To keep it secure in place, tabs are attached to the underpad. The cleaning process is fairly simple and straightforward. Once it gets soiled, all you have to do is to remove the underpad and then get it cleaned thoroughly.

2. Depend Waterproof Bed Pads for Incontinence

Depend Waterproof Bed Pads offer superior protection from overnight leaks. Helping it stay in place is a slip-resistant backing. Unlike other disposable bed wetting pads for adults, Depend Waterproof Bed Pads is thicker and denser. These Bed Pads can easily absorb and lock in extra moisture. Depend Waterproof Bed Pads don’t allow odors to escape and cloth-like fabric keeps the leakage in check. Depend Waterproof Bed Pads come standard with TRI-LOC triple layer protection. The coolest thing about this Depend Waterproof Bed Pads is that it has got designer print that allows it to get blended with the home décor seamlessly. These pads are ideal for children and adults with incontinence.

3. Chummie Deluxe Bedwetting Incontinence Pad

Chummie Deluxe Bedwetting Incontinence Pad will keep you protected from nighttime accidents. With these bed wetting sheets for adults, you will be able to stop the sweat and urine from spilling out of control.  Chummie Deluxe Bedwetting Incontinence Pad is 100% waterproof. To maximize comfort, Chummie Deluxe Bedwetting Incontinence Pad has got soft quilted top layer. In the middle, a super-absorbent layer is placed which is powerful enough to soak up all kinds of fluids be it sweat or urine. Cleverly placed bottom layer acts as a barrier to stop the fluid from escaping the pad and seeping into the mattress underneath. Chummie Deluxe Bedwetting Incontinence Pad is extremely easy to use; all you have to do is to place it over the sheet and then you are done. Chummie Deluxe Bedwetting Incontinence Pad is machine washable too. This reusable waterproof bed pad for the elderly can be washed 300 times.

4. Kanech Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector

Kanech Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector is another reliable bedwetting sheet for adults that is available for the cheap. The microfiber Fabric Surface ensures superior comfort. PU waterproof layer will keep your bed dry no matter what. Kanech Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector has a soft and silky surface that will help you get a sweet and sound sleep. This bedwetting pad can absorb as much as 12 cups of liquid. Kanech Waterproof Mattress Pad Protector can be cleaned really fast. Just put it in your washing machine and use whatever detergent you have and it will come out sparklingly clean in a matter of few minutes.  

5. Sequoia Health Soft Large Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad

Sequoia Health Soft Large Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad is made from premium quality microfiber fabric to ensure maximum comfort. You would not even realize that you are sleeping on a bed wetting pad as the fabric of this Sequoia Health Soft Large Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad is super soft and silky. To increase friction, laminated polyester knitting fabric is used in the making of this waterproof bed pad for adults. The polyester fabric helps to improve the lifespan of this bed wetting sheet for the elderly. Sequoia Health Soft Large Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad has got a soft top and triple-layer design to keep your skin clean and dry throughout the night. Holding the pad firmly is the 21’’ tuckable sides of this Sequoia Health Soft Large Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad. Reusable in nature, this bed wetting pad is machine washable. Designed for restless sleepers, Sequoia Health Soft Large Absorbent Waterproof Bed Pad will stay in place and that means, you can expect a good night’s sleep.  

6. Epica Waterproof Bed Pad

Epica Waterproof Bed Pad can absorb and lock in liquid quite easily and effortlessly. Easy to clean, Epica Waterproof Bed Pad is made from soft fabrics and that means you would not feel any discomfort at all. If you have sensitive skin, you are going to love Epica Waterproof Bed Pad for sure. Made from premium quality materials, Epica Waterproof Bed Pad will last long, and even after washing numerous times, Epica Waterproof Bed Pad will be able to keep its waterproof aspect intact. It is large enough to fit even a twin mattress. The best thing about this bed wetting pad is that it does not shrink after washing it.

Which Bedwetting Supplies For Seniors Are Available?

A good way of caring for an elderly person who suffers from urinary incontinence is by applying layers of washable and disposable materials. By doing so, you prevent leaks while considerably reducing the cleanup time.

Waterproof Mattress Cover

Rather than replacing and cleaning mattresses, the use of a mattress cover is more viable. Place a waterproof mattress that is made of vinyl or urethane underneath the mattress of the aging adult’s mattress to keep the mattress dry.

Waterproof Mattress Pad

Put a soft waterproof mattress pad atop the mattress cover.

Waterproof Underpad

Place an underpad atop the bedsheet, whereby, you can quickly change the cover when wet. Waterproof underpads are both disposable and washable.

Follow by covering the bed with sheets and blankets. You may find washing blankets that you use for layering for warmth easier as compared to washing a comforter. By dressing seniors in disposable absorbent products or adult diapers, leaks can be prevented.

Bed Wetting Pads for Adults Buying Guide

Refer to the following details to know about the important aspects to consider when purchasing bedwetting supplies.

Which materials are used?

Waterproof materials are either made of urethane or vinyl. Vinyl is not a breathable fabric, and generates heat which can disrupt sleep. Urethane, on the other hand, facilitates heat transfer and remains cool. Also, as compared to urethane, vinyl is cheaper. Though, urethane has longer-lasting qualities than vinyl.

Comparing Fitted and Zippered Mattress Covers

You can unzip zippered vinyl mattress covers from only one end. And you have to lift the mattress for changing the zipped mattress covers.

Conversely, you do not have to lift the mattress when using fitted mattress covers. Even so, they do not offer protection from allergens or bedbugs.

Also, both zippered and fitted mattress covers extend protection to mattresses from moisture.

What About Size?

A good strategy is to take measurements of your mattress before you order a mattress protector. Check the mattress specifications such as depth, width, and length. The width and length measurements are standard (ranging from king to queen to full to twin). But, you have to measure mattress depth for the best fit. If you’re not sure about the specifications, opt for the next big size.

How About Absorption Ability?

The absorption ability of reusable bed pads is an important consideration. Check how effectually they can absorb liquids beforehand. Study the product descriptions and packaging details; they will mention the amount of liquid the bed pads can absorb in ounces or milliliters.

Normally, you have to pay more for extra absorbency. Always determine the needs of the elderly person who is in your care, since skimping on absorbency may not be advisable.

Are They Slip-Resistant?

Underpads must be slip resistant because they will not serve their purpose if they are out of place. Go with bed pads that remain in place overnight – particularly, for restless persons.

While some washable bed pads contain tuck-in flaps that are tuckable under mattresses to secure them in place, others contain underlayers that are composed of fabrics designed for holding the underneath fabric.

How To Clean?

Before your purchases, you may want to know about the different ways of cleaning the bedwetting supplies. Of course, you want easy-to-clean supplies. However, both vinyl and polyurethane sheets do not require much effort to keep them clean.

In the case of vinyl sheets, you have to wipe them clean; and for polyurethane sheets, only put them in the washing machine.

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